University of the People (“UoPeople”), the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited American online university built for underserved students around the world, has announced today that is has received accreditation for and is launching the world’s most cost effective MBA program.

The MBA program is the latest addition to UoPeople’s current offerings of Associates and Bachelor’s programs in Business Administration and Computer Science, all accredited by the Distance Education and Accreditation Commission (DEAC). Starting today the university will be accepting applicants to commence their MBA studies in September 2016. The university’s academic calendar consists of five nine-week terms and students can apply and be admitted to commence in any given term. The university will accept only 100 applicants for the first term, and gradually expand the program. Although there are no tuition or textbook fees, there is a $200 end of course assessment fee (for each of the 12 courses) and students can expect to pay a total of just $2,400 for the degree over six terms (15 months).

Björn Borg launches “nude” underwear for all skin tones.

Björn Borg introduces the Skin Collection; skin toned underwear for everyone. The collection is deliberately launched on the United Nation’s Racial Discrimination Day, as a tribute to human rights and equality for all.

So-called “nude” underwear traditionally only caters to white skinned individuals, offered in tones like beige or blush, despite the fact that an 84% majority of the world’s population has a skin tone other than the standard “nude” colour. To put the light on this inequality, Björn Borg introduces the Skin Collection – an underwear line in six shades of human, following the Fitzpatrick skin scale*.

– Nude is not a colour; it’s a concept that everybody should have the right to enjoy. We call it six shades of human and the reason to our launch on the UN Racial Discrimination Day is that the political climate in Europe has been very tough as of late and it is time to show colour. This is our contribution to that debate, comments Björn Borg Marketing Director, Jonas Lindberg Nyvang.

Björn Borg launches handmade Limited edition Sport Couture at 9AM, Jan 19th

Björn Borg launches handmade Limited edition Sport Couture at 9AM, Jan 19th.

A retro space inspired showpiece collection was presented by Björn Borg at Fashion Week Stockholm last August. The handmade-in-Sweden Sport Couture capsule collection is now launched featuring fashion darling DJ Mimi Xu and her daughter Maily Beyrens. Available on as of 9 AM CET on January 19th.

Last August, Björn Borg paid homage to the Mars One space initiative in their SS16 show during Fashion Week in Stockholm. The tribute to this vision also led to the creation of a limited edition capsule collection which takes inspiration from the history of space travel and the journey to find new frontiers that took place during the 1970’s and 80’s. The much anticipated retro-style collection comes in navy blue, white and red, and features a striped ribbed detailing for the ultimate vintage sport look.

Shai Reshef Prince Albert Jan 25 2016

Shai Reshef Prince Albert Jan 25 2016

The 2016 Prince's Prize for Innovative Philanthropy has been awarded to Shai Reshef of University of the People (UoPeople). UoPeople is the world’s first tuition-free, non-profit, accredited online university, dedicated to opening access to higher education. Grounded in the belief that knowledge is a key ingredient of world peace, UoPeople uses open-source technology, Open Educational Resources and the assistance of academic volunteers to provide access to collegiate-level studies to qualified individuals from over 180 countries, regardless of geographic, financial or societal constraints.

Ureshnie Govender

While World AIDS Day may place the spotlight firmly on the fact that South Africa boasts one of the highest rates of HIV infection, there is hope when one considers the future leaders in the management of the HIV/AIDS pandemic emerging from the country’s foremost tertiary institutions. One such example is Ureshnie Govender, who is completing her Postgraduate Diploma in Management specialising in HIV/AIDS and Health at Monash South Africa (MSA). Driven by a passion for the delivery of bench-to-bedside technology and ensuring life-changing concepts and products reach patients in need, there can be no doubt that Dr Govender will find herself assisting  in the management of South Africa’s fight against HIV/AIDS in the near future.

Breaking Stereotypes

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