In true FirstStep fashion we decided to find ten Reasons why a career in Print Media Rocks. So instead of doing the usual orthodox method of listing reasons, we decided to merge two mediums to give us a resultant! (Huh?!) No, we are not talking about creating a time and space continuum, rather we found ten movies that have roles of characters whom are involved in print media. If that’s not ten reasons that rock then what is?!
1. All the Presidents Men: starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. The movie portrays how two journalists from the Washington Post uncover the Watergate Scandal which led to then US president Richard Nixon resigning from office.
2. Shakespeare in Love: Lots of Academy Awards and involves the tale of the Young Shakespeare!
3. Spiderman: Yes Peter Parker is a free lance photographer for the Daily Bugle Newspaper.

4. Blood Diamond: It’s violent, but Jennifer Connelly’s portrayal of an American Journalist, shows that adventure and a political message can all be rolled into one!
5. Gandhi: Now we are pulling out some real gems! Martin Sheen’s character Vince Walker was brilliant and allows an insight of how media was organised back in the day!
6. L.A. Confidential: Danny DeVito portrayal of Sid Hudgens the Tabloid Journalist of the Hush Hush Magazine illustrates the rise and popularity of Celebrity Gossip.
7. Finding Forrester: Probably the most inspiring of all movies on the list! Sean Connery plays a famous writer William Forrester who acts the Mentor of a young scholar.
8. Superman Returns: A journalist with a serious alter ego problem. Clark Kent writes for the Daily Planet in Metropolis.
9. Shattered Glass: The true story of what not to do as a journalist. Stephen Glass is played by Hayden Christensen who concocts a majority of his stories until he is found out. Not exactly a great example of a reason to become a journalist but it has some interesting points.
10. Finding Neverland: The story of author Sir James Mathew Barrie and how he came about to write the tales of Peter Pan.
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