The Fun Side of Being Serious

The financial recession has hit the world by storm and as the darkness of the world’s economic crisis begins to blanket the earth, a small yet powerful resistance can be seen in the distance. Armed with an idea, a laptop and a South African attitude, the resistance took root on the southernmost tip of Africa. An adventure filled with guts, glory and ambition, The Fun Side of Being Serious follows the journey of one entrepreneur’s dream; it charts his challenges and successes as he starts his own online business –

Written by a young South African of Indian descent who dared to defy his parents and not become an accountant, a doctor or a lawyer (the notorious LAD system) and co-written by a journalist with an ego that only Woodward and Bernstein could match, the book provides a refreshing and honest look at the challenges facing both entrepreneurs and young South Africans.

Split into two sections, the read kick-starts with a ‘textbook approach’ on how to start your own sustainable business highlighting the Internet as the most practical medium. The book guides the individual with a business idea from the wilderness (the World Wide Web or in this case, the Wild Wild West) to reality through the rigours of all that is ‘online’. Think Rocky teaming up with Rambo in the virtual business realm!

The second section is the practical experience that challenged one young South African upstart who defied the odds and helped pioneer online youth business in South Africa. While facing the likes of grumpy corporate executives and a semi-conservative Indian father, our young hero dodged his way past stray golf balls and tackled business in the virtual world. It is an adventure that Indiana Jones would be proud of had he surfed the net. From upstart business and sustaining personal success to taking on the world stage, the story is more epic than a Bollywood movie!

It is a practical and theoretical guide set to help and inspire the youth of South Africa and those all over the world. The financial recession is a reality and no matter how much one tries to hide and run from it, it cannot be avoided. Creating solutions and starting your own business is no longer an impossible dream but a necessity. This is the FirstStep Guide to Online Business.

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