The Fun Side of Being Serious 2.0: Go Global or Go Home

 Author: Yashivan Govender with Shaun Ryan

ISBN: 978-0620522427

Publication Date: February 2012

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Go Global or Go Home is the second instalment of the successful online business guide, The Fun Side of Being Serious book series. The latest book portrays the events of an ambitious young South African, Yashivan Govender, in search of more than just a global insight into the world but an answer to serious questions facing young individuals worldwide. With the ongoing financial crisis that has yet to be resolved, the future of business is a challenge that needs to be tackled head on by enterprising individuals. Go Global or Go Home provides detailed information that aims to at bridge the gap between traditional and new media business.

About the author, Yashivan Govender:

Born on the east coast of South Africa, Yashivan moved up to Johannesburg in early 2005 to kick start a company called ( which he developed in his final year of university in 2004. From South Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Europe and Australasia, the brand has become more than just a business but an adventure.

Govender was named by Mail & Guardian as one the 100 young South Africans you must take to lunch in 2007, The Fun Side of Being Serious 2.0 is his second book and he is also the main character of the online documentary called Breaking Stereotypes ( which was released in 2011. At 29, he believes that being a South African rocks, that youth business is the answer to the financial recession and that young people of the world today are the future heroes of the universe!

The co-author:

Shaun Ryan completed his studies in 2008 and graduated with a Master of Social Science degree in media and cultural studies. He met Yashivan as a first-year student through the university’s cricket club. Shaun played a pivotal role in the development of, which included taking the serious approach of Yashivan and bringing the Fun Side to the website. Shaun currently works as a journalist in Durban.

The book is sponsored by, PPS Insurance, The International Hotel School and The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and (

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