- an alternative book review feature by Alie Brand

Expanding on the concept of popular culture and it's influence on careers - Alie Brand of Stellenbosch Rugby Academy examines how James Kerr in his book Legacy uses the example of the world's most successful Rugby team, the legendary All Blacks of New Zealand, to reveal practical lessons for leadership and business. Creating a book that can be applied to a career both on and off the field of the play. Illustrating how the game of rugby and literature combined can help inspire stronger careers in general.

According to Brand these are some of the highlighted attributes (based on extracts and quotes,) that one can gain from Legacy, which makes it a must read for everyone wanting to improve their career.

Legacy by James Kerr - image courtesy of Little, Brown Book Group

Legacy by James Kerr - image courtesy of Little, Brown Book Group

1. Character
The word is derived from ancient Greek “kharaktêr” -  it puts forward that someone can never be too big to do small things that matter.

2. Leave the Jersey in a better place
The jersey represents a connection to a past, present and future. Play for the people that have played in the jersey before...

3. Pass the ball
Develop dual leadership and entrusting individuals with the success of the team.

4. Become better all the time
An environment must help you towards success – not hold you back.

5. Train to win
Replicate playing conditions.

When you’re on top of your game - change your game. The best sports people in the world practice more than they play.

And don’t forget:

Keep a cool head
Champions do extra
Create your own story - a Legacy....

About: Find out more at littlebrown.co.uk, Legacy is available for purchase on Amazon and you can also watch a clip about the book on YouTube.