Over the years FirstStep.me has come about some harrowing stories of student life; from the exploding television,  the unauthorised pet, to the flat mate who just wouldn’t understand the concept of personal space or hygiene…life as a student can be adventurous and yet a challenging journey.
We put together ten rules to have when living as a student…on and off-campus (digs) that should make that journey a little bit easier!

Based on true events…
1. If you are living on campus remember that food in the canteen is always there to be eaten and not used as weapons during residence food fights!
2. If you living off campus food served in the campus canteen can make for useful leftovers in your own fridge, so make friends with the lunch lady for freebies!
3. It is not legal to fish Koi from the local Botanical Garden’s ponds or the pond outside the Deans office.
4. Eating Koi is not a solution to having no money to buy food!
5. The furniture in your residency is not bonfire material!
6. Furniture in your off-campus apartment or digs can be fixed with masking tape if needed after being abused during a house/flat party.
7. A beer crate is only acceptable as a TV stand in a guys’ apartment.
8. It is illegal to have plants that cannot be bought at the local garden nursery…
9. A monkey is not considered a flat mate!
10. Do not use soap found in a communal bathroom!
If these don’t keep you in the good books as a student then they will certainly save the lives of some decent sized Koi!