By Alisha Gamisch
Living in the real world is very different to the online environment. However student accommodation websites are taking very real living situations and making them logically accessible online.

Student Accommodation websites that are rocking the planet
Student Accommodation websites that are rocking the planet
We had took a look at the ones rocking the planet…
Countries/cities: many countries from all over the world
An exciting website with the clever concept that makes it possible to sublet your room while studying abroad. Further having the option to find a new place in your host city. All relevant search options are available and the layout is clearly arranged. With your student e-mail-address you are able to use their service for free. A website which is extremely helpful for students planning to study abroad!
Countries/Cities: Best for Southern Europe, UK and France, but there are offers from around the globe.
Student Mundial provides a fresh and cool website specialised on student accommodation! Great for students looking for a place in the UK, Southern Europe or France, but the website is expanding to other areas! You can find out how student-suitable your area is (close to bars, pubs and places to do your daily shopping) and you can chat with potential flatmates. Another very good service is that you can check the distance of a room/flat to your university/college easily on the website and the map layout is very helpful. Also check out their student guide for the city you're planning to study in!
Countries/Cities: UK and New York
SPARE ROOM is a well-arranged website and very useful for students looking for a place in the UK or New York. You can easily find a room in a flatshare or even buddy up to share a new flat or house. With a search facility that offers helpful and detailed options on your future flatmates, room and flat which gives you personalised search results making your search a lot easier! You can choose the age, gender and quantity of your future flatmates next to detailed options such as vegetarian and disabled access. And if you can't find anything on the internet they have a speed-flatmating service – now that is cool!
Countries/cities: All regions in Europe
A website for students looking for a place to stay in Europe, literally the whole of Europe. Simple and nicely arranged, very useful website for Europe!
(Please note: make sure that your accommodation is properly set-up. That your rental agreements are all legally in order. Always research, check, verify and reference your accommodation before you make the big move!)