Government support set-up's are key to any education system. One must observe what the government says about its rules and regulations regarding its respective academic curriculum. From there you can decide on whether your institution fits into the proper guidelines, that is from accreditation, location and even financial obligations. These should be on your check list before investing time into the university of your choice.

Check out the following government (and some not) websites encouraging studying in their respective regions…for both local and foreign students!

1. Australia: Study in Australia, billed as Future Unlimited, it’s a well put together site that is relevant to the needs of studying in the land down under!

2. New Zealand: New Zealand Education is a brilliant website for individuals looking to study in the land of the All Blacks!

3. Argentina: The official website about study in Argentina for international students.

Also visit the Argentine Ministerio de Educación official website.

4. The USA: Check out Federal Student Aid, a pretty cool website which is set-up by the US Department of Education.

Also check out for study options for international students in the USA.

5. The UK: Education UK, powered by the British Council, promotes studying within the United Kingdom.

6. Europe: The European Commission has set up Study in Europe which is promotes information on studying in the region!

7. India: Targeted at mainly foreign students coming into India, the website is extremely broad but has enough information to cover the basics.

8. South Africa: Very basic, without much in-depth information,

9. Hong Kong: again not China in its entirety but still close enough, they have a super website called Study in Hong Kong! Really well put together.

10. Singapore: Ministry of Singapore, straight forward and to the point!

Also check out Bright Sparks, not a government website but really cool.

11. ASIA: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, has a university network portal which is well put together!

12. Canada: An independent set-up called The Canadian Education Centre Network, that was created to promote Canada as a country of study choice for foreign students.

13. Germany: Check out DAAD for all you need to know about studying in Germany, including financial assistance for students! Really cool global set-up! Nicely done.

14. Ireland: Education in Ireland, really well put together site, everything you need from education providers, financial aid and even visa requirements for foreign students!

15. Switzerland: Swiss Learning, an organisation that has been put together by various Swiss Education providers.

16. Holland/Netherlands: Check out Nuffic, Netherlands Organisation for international cooperation in higher education.

17. Norway: Study in Norway is a great website set up to provide studying opportunities in Norway. Focussed more on international students looking at opportunities in Norway this is a thoroughly well put together site!