Adventure 1: the gap year traveller…
Having seen parts of the world and understanding that cultures, countries and even continents offer more than just a travel experience but an almost individual renaissance! Roaming Newton is now taking on a new look, as the ultimate gap year traveller! From budget airlines, fast trains, clean accommodation and even the odd advice on travel gear, Roaming Newton Reloaded is the adventure gap year guide of a life time!

The Roaming Newton logbook-
Destination: Salzburg, Austria
Transport: Train with the DB Bahn.
Journey: From Munich to Salzburg
Travel time: Not sure, I fell asleep on the train and was woken up by fellow passengers taking the train back to Munich. However according to the train schedule it’s approximately two hours.
Welcome to Austria, specifically Salzburg, its close to Munich and a heartbeat away from the Alps. I have my digital camera attached, a backpack and as always my laptop which keeps me on track. I am not going to be here longer than an overnight stay as I next intend to venture through Munich in greater detail, but whatever I can get out of this trip I am going to make sure I do so with as much zest as I can muster. I have travelled by train from Munich to Salzburg and booked myself into a small yet interesting hotel. Lonely Planet’s Hotel search ( has done me good and I am happy with my one night stop over location. Specifics aside, the buffet in the morning is a big NB on my list, as long as I have a comfortable bed and a warm meal in the morning I am sorted as a traveller. I drop my luggage in my room and head out into the streets of Salzburg. A historical atmosphere is what you are greeted with as you step into the streets of Salzburg…the birthplace of Mozart, it’s also the location of which the Sound of Music musical is based upon and home to a thriving opera heritage.

Hohensalzburg Castle

Flourishing with tourists and energy, it’s a constant motion of pedestrian traffic with a hint of classical music in the background! The city is split into two halves by the freezing cold river Salzach that runs through it. With the hub of the city on one of side and the Mirabell Gardens on the other, it’s the buzzing city hub that captures my attention first up. Still encompassed in its medieval surroundings, it’s a place of history in real time. My camera is snapping away but my mind is doing faster mental photographs, such is the magnitude of this city. In the above surroundings the Hohensalzburg Castle (a historical fortress) stands tall and it’s a long walk to reach its summit however there is a cool “Willy Wonka” type of elevator to help assist those wanting a faster trek up to the castle. Venturing through the newly renovated museum of the fortress, it’s a history of civilisation as opposed to a place once used for military defence.

Mirabell Gardens
Returning from the heights of the Hohensalzburg Castle, one can only be given a look of heinous when asking in jest who is that "king" on that round bit of chocolate you see everywhere in Salzburg. After all this is still Roaming Newton and keeping things fun that is serious is in our nature! Students from the Universität Salzburg which is situated in the city center make up the nightlife of Salzburg. A good start is Carpe Diem which is popular amongst both tourists and locals, for a quick bite and conversational drink.
The next morning I wake up and check out of my hotel after tackling my well deserved buffet and head off again into the streets of Salzburg. This time I venture into the second half where the Mirabell Gardens is located. I prefer this part, it's quieter and more modern, it allows the tourist to be a tourist in the medieval town centre and then escape back to the modern world by crossing over the river. Salzburg is more than just a cultural experience and place to pay homage to Mozart, it’s a destination of sorts that caters for both the young and the old.
Roaming Newton notes:
1. Don’t joke about Mozart in Salzburg, his fans are more vicious that English football fans!
2. Salzburg is known for hosting the annual Salzburger Festspiele.
3. Austria is next to Germany and they speak Austrian German…go figure.
4. A lot of German students study in Austria as it’s a close alternative to studying in Germany.
5. Check out the Sound of Music trailer on YouTube!
6. Find out more about Salzburg on