Q: I am a second year student studying a BSc in Info Systems. Next year I have to choose my majors but the problem is I still don’t know what I career I can pursue with the degree I am doing. I will have to choose between Computer Science and Economics because I have to take Info Systems. I know that I want to work in the business world as a type of economist. Are there careers that u know of that incorporate technical skills as well as business skills that tie in with Computers of Economics?

A: Firstly I would say that you are doing a strong degree here, well done. Let’s focus on doing Economics or Computer Science. IS career opportunities can take you into the technical realm and/or the business realm. So I would say look at what interests you more. If you want to get more into business management then the economics side would be more important (maybe consider management as well). If the technical side of things is your major interest then back that up with Computer Science.

According to our research there are numerous and varied career opportunities for an IS graduate. You could become a software engineer, analyst, application programmer, IT project manager or better yet the Chief Information Officer for a company. Basically it is a degree with varied skills that will help you out in the job search.
So, on the computer front you are pretty sorted for jobs. What I could see from the research I carried out is that universities seem to focus on IS and Computer Science or IS and management. This would definitely get you into the business side of things. I could not find a course that dealt with both Economics and IS directly but what you can always to is a correspondence course in economics when you have finished your degree and working.

Remember that you should also consult with your lecturers when making decisions like these. They will know your strengths and what is best for you.

- The FirstStep.me team