The Breaking Stereotypes Credits

Produced by: Duma Mseleku and Yashivan Govender

In Association with


Yashivan Govender

Duma Mseleku

Hans Mai and family

Erik Ohlsson

Pablo Molteni

Solly Keetse

David Sidel

Maximilian Höck

Curt Schmitt

Martin Bengtsson

Jeanette Ohlsson

Ludwig Stalla

Luis Portillo

Asorock General and family

The Tegernsee Cricket Club and supporters

Lovisa Wachtmeister

Amalia Gyllenkrok

Hedda Mirrow

Petra Görman

Ingrid Wachtmeister

Chris Mattsson

Emma Westerberg

Martin Hage

Günther Schaefer

Jannik Hansen

Jim Williams

Jenny Eliasson


Giovanni Pez

Peter Zubcsek

Breanne Bailey

Magnus Metz

Agnes Hamberger

Erik Radix

Luis Emilio Lucchesi

Richard Smith

Final Mix: SFX (Tinus Smith and Warren van Schalkwyk)

Photography by:

Agnes Hamberger

Special Thanks to:

Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

Malmö Museer


Faraos Cigarer

Special thanks to the partners of

Breaking Stereotypes

The Fun Side of Being Serious Book Series