ITS Tertiary Software announced the availability of ITS Mobile at the 25th annual ITS User Group Conference this month. This new initiative enables universities and colleges to provide their students with mobile access to key student information via a variety of smartphones and feature phones.
Students will benefit by accessing real time student information anytime, anywhere. Information includes their student financial statements, class and exam timetables, exam results, academic admission status, residence admission status and financial aid information. The new offering will also help lighten the load on tertiary administrative staff to provide students with up to date information and increase student and staff engagement by providing real-time access to key student information.

ITS is partnering with 2 well-known companies with specific expertise in the area of mobile applications in order to bring this offering to market quickly.   ITS has worked with CampusEAI Consortium on the development of ITS Mobile smartphone apps for Android, Apple and Blackberry platforms. JSE-listed company FoneWorxwas is ITS’s partner for providing USSD and Mobi technology enabling other feature phone users access to their student data.
ITS plans to also make ITS Mobile available to tertiary institutions not currently using the ITS Integrator Student Management System to enable them to provide this innovation to their students as well.
CampusEAI Consortium creates a range of mobile campus solutions used by over 1,5-million students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni in education institutions worldwide. Established in 2003 by 14 US universities, the consortium aims to help tertiary institutions reduce the time, cost and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services. The myCampus Mobile portal is designed to accommodate the needs of today’s busy students, faculty and staff by offering features directly to users smartphone or other mobile device browsers. myCampus Mobile gives users instant access to everything from results to campus alerts and academic advising using easy to navigate, icon-based menus and apps designed with the flexibility to open source technology.
FoneWorx is a wholly owned subsidiary of FoneWorx Holdings Ltd which is listed on AltX on the JSE. FoneWorx has been in business since 1997 and is the largest independent proprietary switch which is connected to all the mobile networks and Telkom. The FoneWorx platform currently constitutes 1 200 channels of voice and data capability and operates a bureau for the hosting of a broad range of services including IVR, SMS, fax, email and data storage.
ITS Tertiary Software, with a rich history spanning more than 25 years, is a global vendor offering a comprehensive administrative ERP software solution for higher and further education institutions. Our ITS Integrator product suite, which is suitable for small, medium and large institutions, provides a rich set of functionality to enable back-office and front-office operations, as well as self-service functions for students and staff alike. The addition of the ITS Mobile functionality illustrates the alignment of ITS with modern-day business practices and student engagement.
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