Mallin Moolman

Mallin Moolman, a fourth-year University of Cape Town (UCT) student studying electrical engineering has been awarded the prestigious PPS Scholarship Award worth R40,000, after producing academic results that one of his professors describes as simply astounding. In his first year of study, Mallin scored 98% for Mathematics, 99% for Physics and 100% for Engineering. In his third year, he scored 93% for Electromagnetic Engineering. Barry Downing, Head of Electrical Engineering at UCT, says that even he, as a professor of 15 years, would struggle to accomplish such a feat. “Each year at UCT, we seem to find one or two students whose academic ability is on another level altogether. Mallin is one such student.”

Moolman, who is currently studying towards an electrical and computer engineering degree, says that the award is much needed as it will enable him to concentrate on his studies. “I would like to thank PPS for providing me with this opportunity. This removes the financial burden for me in the last year of studying which is simply invaluable. Now I can focus solely on my studies, which is my biggest priority.” As part of its programme to assist students in their final year of study, PPS – a leading specialist financial services provider to the graduate professional market – awards a scholarship to a student with exceptional academic results, who is studying towards a profession which, upon qualification, would be eligible for PPS membership.
Mike Jackson, CEO of PPS, says that the scholarship award covers a student’s tuition fees and books, as well as the cost of accommodation and an allowance.
“Education is one of the most important building blocks to the future of South Africa, and it is a privilege to be able to assist tomorrow’s leaders in this regard. Mallin Moolman in particular, is wholly deserving of this award, particularly given his outstanding academic results,” says Jackson.
“We are committed to building a strong local graduate professional base, by growing the skills and competencies of future generations and look forward to providing further scholarships to deserving South Africans in the future,” he adds.
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