Tutoring set-up's

Sometimes people need that extra bit of help, be it on the sports field, in the workplace and yes even in the classroom. For students and scholars there seems to be a global abundance of help in terms of their education - from the private tutor to resourceful guides and of course private tutoring set-up's. The needs of an individual of course vary from person to person, factors such as affordability, time allocation and even actual specifics of a person in need - yip some people are trying to improve their grades from an A to an A+.

In terms of private tutoring services - technology and the internet have given rise to their accessibility along with communication with the market place. Here is a breakdown from around the planet of various set-up's that are engaging in the tutoring industry from an online perspective.

A quick guide to University and College

Funding a creative study path

The creative industry is an open platform for individuals to express themselves. However funding one’s study path can range from scholarships, bursaries, grants, self financing (working to pay for your studies), financing from family – friends - parents/guardians – private funder, student loans and government aided student loans. The lists of options are there and being creative about your student funding is not to be frowned upon. Some people even use Crowd Sourcing to fund their studies – true story!

Due to popular demand we searched for some of the planets most awesome Design Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries that are on offer! It is good to note that most recognised design schools have student financial aid systems in place so make sure that you contact them to find out what options they have in place to assist your study process in terms of fee payment. Further don’t forget to make sure that the institution you would like to study at is properly accredited!