Q: I want to go to university next year but would like to enter into a field where there is a shortage of skilled or specialised individuals for an industry. What careers are in demand and do they differ from country to country?
A: Great question! If you do a basic Google search there is a ton of information available however it is not really focused enough. One idea is to look at various country immigration platforms which will provide visa requirements in terms of skills shortages. It is a shortcut of note but it’s a clever way to discover what career options are needed within a region. Countries that have skill shortages tend to open the doors to qualified people in demand from other countries. Therefore individuals within a country should look to pursue the roles which that country is looking to seek talent outside of its borders.

Furthermore check out PayScale which is a website dedicated to calculating salaries and earning potential for various careers and industries-super awesome website! This will provide a calculated or clinical framework for the career that you are looking to head towards in terms of what you will be earning which is strong factor when choosing a career.
Websites which provide information on skill shortages within specific regions across the planet are "SkillClear": and "Working in".
If you are interested in a particular region do a web search for skills shortages for that region and there should be respective government websites which will point you in the right direction.
We had look at various regions and devised a global overall list of the top skills in demand based on the following factors:
1. How cool are they?
2. Global impact, how much of a difference can an individual entering into this field help change the planet?
3. What avenues of specialization exist within the field itself?
Naturally countries need people who can calculate and have financial management skills. Most accountants are paid rather well, and so they should be after all if anyone knows how to draft an invoice an accountant can! There are various specialization areas in this field which include auditing, managerial-accounting and bookkeeping! The cool factor is that you are getting paid to suit up and look your best whilst tackling a challenging job!
In terms of the global impact of accounting, the worlds economies are in need of guardians of the financial markets, and who better than accounting heroes!
Is there any area of the world that engineers are not needed? Probably not. Buildings, bridges, homes, cars, aeroplanes, the list is endless. Probably one of the most level-headed set of working individuals on the planet, engineers are often drafted into the strategy structures of many companies ahead of their engineering abilities. The scope of being in the engineering field is generally extremely broad, with specialisation into aeronautical, electrical, electronic, mechanical - again the list again is endless. Can you make a difference on the planet? One example strikes a chord, engineers in place to help stem disasters like oil spills. The cool factor of being an engineer is that you are a qualified specialist who is versatile in terms of business, basically a human pocket knife!
Check out Engineers without Borders, this is the USA version
The world is short of teachers and good teachers for that matter! All the research and stats in the world can't add up to the magnitude of the demand for teachers needed on the planet. The skills of teaching are diverse and the grassroots development is super crucial. From science, history, mathematics, the list as in the case of engineers is endless however in this case this is actually where engineers are bred before they head off to university! Can teachers make a global difference? Anyone helping to shape the future leaders and pioneers of the planet are going to make a difference. The cool factor is pretty simple you helping individuals to become better individuals through education-gives a job satisfaction of 100%. (Provided they complete their schooling with good mark of course.)
Check out Robin Williams in the movie 'Dead Poets Society' and check out a nifty set-up for teachers called Teacher Web which enables teachers to create their own website for their students! Nice!!
Medical Practitioners
The world is in need of health professionals, from dentists, surgeons even the general practitioners, individuals on the planet need individuals who can help attend to them when in times of physical and mental distress. The scope of the medical field even extends to medical technicians, radiographers and the like. A challenging industry with at times a number of years in which to qualify, many individuals are hesitant to pursue the field. In terms of the global impact, with health epidemics as volatile as the worlds economies, helping to find cures and healing the ill are steps to help aid and change the planet. You get to wear coat and have people listen to your professional opinion- now that’s cool enough!
Check out the Doctor House series  and also Doctors without borders!
Software and program developers
Social media, smart phones, apps, tablets and that’s just the cool stuff, we haven’t even scratched the surface of on-board navigation or aeronautical software, the world is a technology savvy place and programmers/developers are a much needed intelligent workforce! The cool factor is that you get to work with awesome gadgets and stuff such as what Q built for James bond! Impact on the planet has become so much easier with an interconnected world due to the growth of technology!
Four websites to check out: Samsung, AppleGoogle and Microsoft.
Service specialists
Plumbers, mechanics, electricians, fitters, welders - someone has to do these jobs. You might find that sticking your hand down a drain pipe as unattractive as it may be, actually pays a lot! Bob the Builder brought cool to an industry that couldn’t really have been made cool, but wearing a pair of overalls isn’t as half bad as it sounds or looks for that matter! There is a lot that can be done to help impact on the world and services specialists help secure sustainability in various social areas. Besides, the Bob the Builder theme song is always a good sing along!
The Big Bang Theory supercharged the scientific cool factor with characters that amplified the theory that being a nerd is cool. However minus the nerd factor, the scientific field is riddled with variations, from basic concepts of the tiniest living organism, to energy efficiency to even preserving the environment. The scientific world is an integral part of the living and working world. It is cool, it is impactful and a small change can make a huge difference, an industry in demand of smart individuals!
These are just a handful of career or sectors which are in high demand however at the end of the day no matter what field, industry or career sector you are focussed on, its really up to the individual to make their career a substantial one and become marketable, employable and finally that key phrase “in demand”.