Why careers are just not what they used to be, why we have forgotten the basics, how the youth need a shake up and how we still have the ability to help shape and change the world!
Remember the days when we stood up in class and the kid on the left said “I want to be a pirate…I mean pilot!” How about when you read an article about some ground breaking idea of an out the box adventurer who went to a far out country and discovered a cure for some awful killer disease? What about that documentary you watched on an ancient tribal kingdom that was discovered after being untouched by modern man? Has the world lost its plot, has money taken over careers, are there no more modern marvels around, has the concept of becoming Indiana Jones been lost to the Spielberg Archives?
It seems that the world has perhaps become smaller, in fact so much so that one can run a business quite literally from the moon due to the developments of such enormities like the internet. However the bottom line is this, living on the moon, in all reality costs money and that the internet doesn’t grow on trees. Has the bubble burst and that a financial recession actually means one has to dig deep and actually work hard for a living. The answer is quite literally YES.

So where are the Indiana Jones’s of the world, why haven’t we recently heard or read of some romantic lifesaving cure or discovery and why isn’t someone living on the moon? Okay that last one is outlandish but still interesting. The fact remains is that young individuals entering the adult world of life, are hiding behind careers, they are not willing to take risks and not willing to actually change the world and though the internet is appealing to shortcut dreams its not all that clean cut as its made out to be. We are not saying quit your job and go deep see diving until you find lost treasure, but change the world with a purpose…make an effort. The FirstStep.me team came up with a few options that could come up with some world changing ideas…buckle up its going to be an epic journey!
1. Corporate (expectancy): yes working a corporate job is awesome, firstly it allows you to suit up and secondly you can get a solid salary. So how do you change the world as a young buck in the corporate ball game. Think big and swing for the fences, set yourself goals and if you think you can become the next CEO then do it, working hard and being street smart will take you places. Sitting back and thinking you are the smartest bloke on the planet and that you deserve a high paying cheque will get you nowhere fast because there are a hundred other smart or smarter kids out there ready to take your place. If you crack the nod and make it big in the corporate sector the world will be at your feet and you can help change the world. How, well changing the world through business is challenging but it rocks, its an infrastructure that has existed for years and will remain for years to come. Through developing, creating and expanding business changing the world is quite literally like playing monopoly on steroids.
Good example: Michael Jay Fox in the Secret of my success.
2. The Planet (forgotten): Remember that TV Show Captain Planet and the Planeteers? How about the adventures of Sir David Attenborough? Still confused…how about thinking bigger and better, thinking save the planet save the world. What if we got the young thinkers with smarts and ideas to invest their time and future to go about saving the world? Why not take away the stigmatism that somehow was brought about by Tree Huggers and let’s make the environment into a sustainable cause that is worth fighting for. Why, because if we don’t look properly into the day to day running’s of the earth we may not have a place to live on.
Good example: Wikipedia has more on Sir David Attenborough and of course Captain Planet.
3. The Internet (careers are not what they used to be): If you are a jock and can kick or hit a ball a mile, you can create an online entity, if you are a geriatric you can do the same, so why is the internet becoming a place that is not far off the path of tree huggers to the environment (in this case geeks taking the place of the hugger). The internet is a platform where anything is imaginable and that changing the world is not only an upload away but a click away too. The time of the geek is over and the open expansion of the internet is now seriously a legitimate career. The key is to be as creative as possible with being sustainable at the same time. It’s not that hard if you put your mind to it.
4. Be Creative (shape): Some of the worlds most creative minds are lost to the safe careers of the LAD system (Lawyer, Accountant and Doctor), why, because people are not willing to take a risk and presume that sustainability lies in the safe careers. However what if you took the geniuses that can help save lives and let them apply themselves to inspiring lives instead. How about helping execute a brand and change the world of advertising, or developing a television show, why not go one step further and even start your own business? The world of being creative is open to everyone and it just takes an individual with a sense of risk to change it.
5. Hardening up and there is no such thing as being spoon fed anymore (shake up): A level of complacency that exists all around the world has bred a weaker job market. It’s about stepping up to the challenge and saying that if you work hard and seek what you want then you will be successful. Crumpling like a piece of paper because you never got what you wanted and still want more is not on the cards. This is why the LAD system is so strong because it’s filled with motivated people looking to being the best of the best in a streamlined field, as opposed to the left over people who now fight in the industries that have been created to support, serve or entertain. Hence we should mix up the talent stream and make every industry more competitive.
Good example: Michael Jordan and Steffi Graf…enough said!
6. Exploring every opportunity (change): Why careers are not a stonewall for life, why investigating every industry, ever job, every career and every idea is worth a shot, no matter how smart, creative or physically assertive you are, if you don’t explore options you may never find your true calling.
Good example: Richard Branson, one company many options, http://www.virgin.com
The world is at our feet and as young individuals looking at options is so important (basics). Changing the world is actually plausible, through various industries, career choices, goals and ambitions we are all able to not only inspire the world but shake it up too!