Dynamic careers - handle with care! Image source: Bigstock® Image Credit and Copyright: © tashatuvango

Dynamic careers - handle with care! Image source: Bigstock® Image Credit and Copyright: © tashatuvango

Changing a career is never easy - full stop. Every career is unique and original - just as every individual is one of a kind.

This sense of uniqueness is even more prevalent in life when the individual feels stuck in the mud and seeks the need for a change in jobs. A common course of action is to challenge their current career path.

Reasons can vary from the need for a better salary, looking for career growth or just simply a need for a change of scenery. The 1999 film Office Space is loosely based on this scenario and provided some entertaining examples of what individuals will do to seek a career revamp.

So how does one go about changing a career? We examine five examples of career changing points...

1. Go get it: In many cases individuals actively seek employment in another company, generally within the same industry as it is an easier move to make. However, it sometimes loops back to the reason why they initially needed a change. Check out: Monster.com or Glassdoor or LinkedIn

2.  Get recruited: Connecting with a recruitment company or head-hunter to seek a new career opportunity for individuals has become a common approach to taking the next step. Visit Korn Ferry as a top example.

3. Company culture: Changing job role or position within a company is also another option. Companies who invest in their employees see logic within promoting individuals and allowing for fresh perspectives within the business itself. This would illustrate a clear link of understanding between human resources, management and employees.

4. No choice but to change: The situation of being retrenched or losing a contract can lead to an individual having no other choice but to move on. An interesting example is Up in the Air starring George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, which provides a glimpse of life on the retrenchment side of a company.

5. Do something different: This is where the individual completely jumps into another industry, field or experience. From taking a Gap Year or sabbatical, studying further, up-skilling oneself, training to enter a different field, entering a career space or even starting a business. As outlandish an example as this seems - a Gap Year in space is not that far off...

Notes: The job hopper is a phrase used for someone who is often seen moving from gig to the next - it is risky and good to take note of when planning a career.

Career changes are interesting and dynamics in a world where uncertainties are becoming the norm, perhaps it is worth putting in the effort into handling your career with care...