Tutoring set-up's

Sometimes people need that extra bit of help, be it on the sports field, in the workplace and yes even in the classroom. For students and scholars there seems to be a global abundance of help in terms of their education - from the private tutor to resourceful guides and of course private tutoring set-up's. The needs of an individual of course vary from person to person, factors such as affordability, time allocation and even actual specifics of a person in need - yip some people are trying to improve their grades from an A to an A+.

In terms of private tutoring services - technology and the internet have given rise to their accessibility along with communication with the market place. Here is a breakdown from around the planet of various set-up's that are engaging in the tutoring industry from an online perspective.


Praczone - Creating an online mathematics website to teach and learn mathematics interactively.

The world is driven by technology - Praczone showcases math education – therefore it should also be technology driven. Thus with the resources of a math educator, an engineer and a developer, Praczone started integrating these skills to develop an innovative, interactive and simple to use tool for teaching and learning math, available to anyone anywhere.

Knowing that practice makes perfect and that a sound working environment (zone) are essential for success, the name Praczone was created.

The beta version of the software is currently available at www.praczone.com, with new interactive sections being uploaded on a regular basis. The following are the current functional features of the website:

1.Math practice with unlimited auto generated math problems, including step by step solutions and detailed explanations, which can be solved interactively.

2.Math book with unlimited auto generated examples and exercises all with step by step solutions and detailed explanations.

3.Math dictionary, already with over 250 definitions, each including worked examples and explanations.

4.Math homework helper to enable learners/educators/parents to solve their own math problems.

First Tutors: A global network for private tutors providing a landscape for various tuition services in a number of countries!

Tutor Doctor – a global one on one based tutoring service.

United Kingdom

The University of Ulster - has set up a program to engage students as tutors for various levels of academic requirements in schools! Nicely done!

Personal Tutors – according to it's website was established in 1970 with the service of providing private tutors for home based tuition.

South Africa

Hire Education - Hire Education links the resource of  bright, dynamic university students (with innate teaching and mentoring abilities), to school going and other university learners in need of academic assistance. Our focus is empowering learners with the tools to maximise their understanding and motivation in ways that are catered specifically to the type of learner they are. We assist primary school, high school and university learners.

Mathemaniacs-  is private Mathematics, Science and Accounting tutoring company that brings the FUN back into learning through our innovative learning and teaching methods. Our services are primarily in learner and educator support programmes. We're so crazy about Maths, it's infectious!

Gutsy Tutoring - a strong force in the tutoring sector, the name says it all!

Master Maths – another mathematics based tutoring set-up that was established in 1976! They also have Master Science – nice!

Penguin Tutoring Co: A nationwide set-up in South Africa that offers tutoring services for a number of subjects.

Teach Me 2: Very cool set-up that even tutors Music!


Sofatutor – smart and well put together - an online platform that is rocking the way of tutoring for both scholars and students. One of the better set-up's around!


Tutor.com: The URL hit the nail on the head and the set-up has been going since 1998. Good stuff!

New Zealand

Avance: A Kiwi Based Tutoring company that even caters for university entrance exams! Nice!

Also check out the New Zealand Tutoring Association which has a breakdown of various tutoring services in the region!


YourTutor: Providing one on one and online based tutoring!

Also check out the Australian Tutoring Association for various tutoring options in the land down under!